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All services provided by Stokesley & District Community Care Association are supported by volunteers, we always need more, so if you would like to volunteer with us, please contact us or drop in.

There is so much you can gain from volunteering, whether it be to get more experience, meet new people, build your confidence, develop your skills, improve your career prospects, or simply to try something new. Take a look at our list of volunteer roles and find out which would be best suited to you!

                                                 Join our Team of Volunteers


Respite Sitter – This role is perfect for a friendly, chatty person who is willing to give up to 2 hours a week to allow a person’s regular carer to have a break away from their caring. You will not be expected to provide any nursing care, just keep the client comfortable and interact with them. This allows the carer to have time to themselves, knowing that the person they care for is well looked after.

Befriender – If visiting a client on a weekly basis for a chat or a bit of light shopping sounds like something you’d enjoy, then the Befriender service is definitely up your street. This service provides housebound or lonely people with a visitor to brighten up their day, so it can be a very rewarding role.

Mini Bus Driver – This volunteer position is ideal for people who love to get out and about. It is a very flexible role, in terms of time commitment, and if you chose to become a mini bus driver, your duties would include picking up and dropping passengers off at designated locations, assisting passengers on to the bus, and making sure their seat belts are applied. Many of the clients that use this service are frail, and suffer from a range of physical and mental disabilities.

Car Driver – Like the mini bus driver role, this is very flexible, in terms of time commitment. The service is door to door, and you will need to use your car to transport passengers to and from designated locations, and these could be anything, from hospital or dentist appointments, to hairdresser appointments. Many of the clients that use this service are elderly, and suffer from a range of physical and mental disabilities, needing extra assistance.

Passenger Assistant – This is another great role for chatty, friendly people, looking to have flexibility in their time commitments. As a passenger assistant, you would be working alongside one of the mini bus drivers to help them with picking up clients and transporting them to their location. You will be assisting the clients with walking to and from the bus, helping them on to the bus, and giving them a hand with fastening their seat belts.

Craft Club Helper – The Craft Club meet every second and fourth Thursday of every month, and are always looking for crafty and creative volunteers to help them out. With guest crafters and the projects changing each week, you won’t be short of variety in this position. You will be setting up the session half an hour before it starts, clearing up afterwards, helping people with making their items, and making tea and coffee.


Lunch Club Helper – Like the Coffee Pop In, the Lunch Club is held in Stokesley town hall, and the team are always very warm when welcoming new faces. This role is perfect for socialising with clients, as you can chat with them throughout, whilst also setting and clearing the tables, serving, and washing up. This is a fantastic way to meet some of the clients and do some volunteering in a team.

Chairaerobics Instructor – For a fun way to keep fit and healthy, many of our clients attend the very popular chairaerobics classes. The class always enjoy seeing a new face, so a new instructor would be a great addition. You will be leading the class through the exercises, handing out items, like balls and bean bags, and serving refreshments.



Day Centre Helper –  Our day centre is for people with dementiaVolunteers are required to  assist qualified paid staff in the running of the Centre.  It is open on a Monday & Wednesday from 10am – 3pm.  As much or as little time you can offer is much appreciated.  



Contact us on the phone number below, or by email if you are interested in any of these positions.